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Jeff Mahadeen LMT, KMI, NCBTMB, WITS

wellness instructorJeff Mahadeen LMT, Certified Structural Integrator, NCBTMB is the owner of the Muscular Wellness Treatment Center and Muscular Wellness Institute.

I have been studying manual therapy for close to 20 years. Yikes, where did the time go? Throughout my career I have been looking for the most effective ways to treat soft tissue dysfunctions within the body.

I specialize in problems with postural / muscle imbalances (neck pain, rounded shoulders, excessive curves of back, shoulder pain. hip pain, SI joint pain) and maladies that cause an excess of fibrous build-up (plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, whiplash syndrome, ITB syndrome to name a few).

Since 1998, I have been involved with high level medical / therapeutic trainings, all in the hope of trying to find the best and most effective ways to treat soft tissue dysfunction. I have been working with a number of doctors throughout the areas, and they are refreshed by my medical / extremely therapeutic approach to the body. Many call my treatment methodology the go-between approach regarding physical therapy and massage therapy.

I view the body as a holistic totality. When I treat the body, I may have to treat the weakened shoulder with strengthening exercises, so the myofascial mobilization is most effective for the primary complaint of tennis elbow.

In order to get the body back to normalcy, I am constantly using soft tissue mobilization techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Mobilization, Structural Integration, Rolfing, and Visceral Manipulation, and I am always curious to learn more.

Treatment and education of the human body is not a static process, but it is a dynamic process. Any effective therapist should always be looking for the best and most effective ways to relieve pain and return the body back to homeostasis (balance).

Also, coupled with the treatment center is the education component of my business. For the last 15 years I have been offering high level continuing education workshops throughout the northeast. My trainings range from an 8 hour workshop to 200 hour programs, and I am one of the most sought after educators in the therapeutic field. My trainings are for the therapist who is looking to begin doing high level assessments and treatments for their patients.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Regards, Jeff Mahadeen, Structural Integrator, LMT, NCBTMB Educator

Colin Widhu

Colin Widhu graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Seacoast Career Schools in 2008. During his studies, he discovered a true passion for understand the human body and it's function along with dysfunction. This interest and responsibility to clients lead him to the Muscular Wellness Institute Continuing Education Center to continue to build upon and further his education. Here, he received his certification in Neuromuscular Therapy by completing a 96 hour course that included kinesiology, repetitive use injury guidelines, and advanced tissue therapy techniques.

Realizing the value of the courses fostered the hunger for more information and lead Colin to the Myofascial Mobilization class the very next spring. With those two certifications, he places a high importance on custom assessment & treatment with every client. Currently, Colin is working towards his undergraduate degree in Health Science at New England College. His future plans are to go on to become a Physical Therapist and combine both therapies to truly benefit each client in every treatment.

His keys to success are: never stop learning- not only are you educating yourself and keeping current in the field, but it directly trickles down to your clients, as they see your commitment to their wellness and education.

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