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Ohana Yoga was created as a sacred space for the community. They are a healing center that offers Yoga and many tools for healing.

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Our Continuing Education Center provides Manual Soft Tissue Manipulation Therapy Training for massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and others across New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

Board Certified Pedorthist Paul Richelson’s website features custom footwear, orthotics, and boot fitting clinics in Plymouth, Wolfeboro and Concord, New Hampshire.

Are you recovering from a sports injury, surgery, or other cause of pain or physical restriction? Progressive Therapy Services of Bow NH will help you heal.


Whiplash Syndrome: from Pathology to Treatment

When dealing with a whiplash injury, most injuries do not occur with driver and passengers looking straight ahead and the collision being perfectly centered to the rear-end or front-end of the vehicle. The speed of the vehicles involved typically plays an important role with the extent of the soft tissue trauma. The therapist should keep all factors in mind when taking a subjective and evaluating your patients.

Frozen Shoulder: Pathology and Treatment

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capilitis, and is named due to the lack of ROM (Range Of Motion) that will occur when this pathology rears its ugly head. Frozen shoulder seems to affect people whose age range from 40-60, and it occurs in a much higher incidence of woman to men, probably as high as four to one. The treatments for frozen shoulder can be effective, but the earlier the shoulder is treated the quicker the thaw.

What Do Labels Mean?

Labels are an integral part of our day to day lives and are present everywhere in our society. We put labels on everything from the proverbial soup to nuts… to food, cars, clothes, technology and our professions. In our bodywork profession, we have all sorts of initials to designate what product we are selling; NCBTMB, MBLEx, NMT, CSR, MFR, MLD and of course Certified. Do these labels hold value or are they sugar coatings?

Assessment and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition involving the plantar fascia near the calcaneal attachment. The inflammatory response is a reaction to injury or a repetitive stress injury (RSI). Plantar fasciitis can often be the result of pronation of the foot, AKA flat foot (eversion). Pronation results in the plantar fascia becoming over-stretched and creating a constant tension in the fascia. A supinated arch can also be a contributor to plantar fasciitis. When assessing a client with plantar fasciitis, a thorough subjective assessment should be utilized. Treating the plantar fascia consists of treating the site of pain, as well as, treating the surrounding tissue that is myofascially continuous with the plantar fascia.