Who We Are

Muscular Wellness Treatment Center is a massage therapy company dedicated to serving the greater community of Concord and Bow, N.H. Known for their experience and knowledge in the field, Muscular Wellness won the 2017 and 2018 award for the best massage therapist in the capital area of New Hampshire. Muscular Wellness puts patient needs first, focusing on restoring the body back to its optimal function.

About Our Monthly Membership Program

This loyalty program offers four different membership plans tailored to different treatment lengths. Each plan automatically credits one massage a month to your account, available for use at any time.

Our Membership program and therapists are designed to suit your needs. Each session’s Development starts the moment you call or sign up on line. We take the time to ask questions via our phone call and/or intake forms, and our therapists read them over so they have preparedness before you even step foot in the door.

What's Included In Your Membership:

Monthly discounted therapeutic massage

Prices coming soon.

Unlimited Discount Uses

You can use a discounted rate as many times as you want in a month

Wellbeing Sessions Rollover

If you miss a monthly wellbeing session, you will be credited a pre-paid wellbeing session for the next month. So the following month, you will have 2 pre-paid wellbeing sessions.

Gift To Family & Friends

You can gift your Monthly wellbeing membership session to a family member or friend. What says, “I care about you”, more than Wellness. You are allowed 2 associate members on your account, and they can use your prepaid or credited session whenever the primary gives them permission.

Easy - Peasy Cancellation Policy

We don’t want to create stress, you are here for a stress-less experience. Unlike other membership programs which require 1 year commitments, give MWTC just 60 days’ notice and you can opt out of your contract.

Types of therapeutic work

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