"Running has been a central part of my life for more than 35 years, but unfortunately, I've been plagued by recurrent injuries. Around 2 years ago, I discovered Jeff, by far the best of the many therapists I've seen. Following structural integration and regular therapy sessions since, I have felt and functioned much better, running, cycling, and swimming regularly. Jeff brings a unique combination of scientific, analytical, and therapeutic expertise to his sessions. I'm counting on him to help keep me on the trails and roads for years to come."

"Going through the Structural Integration series with Jeff has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I came to him with the hope of gaining more mobility to do yoga and to get rid of those little daily aches and pains. Over the course of his treatment, not only has my ability to do yoga improved, but I've found I have improved with many other physical activities. Even simple daily activities, I can do with an ease that I didn't have before working with Jeff. The Structural Integration treatment has also helped me develop an awareness of how my body moves and works. That's pretty cool! Thanks, Jeff!"

"When I first came to Jeff, I was seeking relief from sore muscles, or so I thought. I am a dental hygienist with lots of repetitive strain, and so therapy was an ongoing process and each treatment brought needed relief. As time went on, Jeff realized that my pain was more than “muscle soreness.” I was in denial to the extent of my shoulder dysfunction until he showed me the lack of range of motion that I had incurred through work... I had frozen shoulder syndrome. With his knowledge of how everything in the shoulder is integrated with the rest of the body, he worked to keep me as pliable as possible. Also, I recently had rotator cuff surgery and with physical therapy and deep tissue manipulation. I am regaining not only my strength but the range of motion that I had lost. I have been working with Jeff for about 4 years and will continue, due to the fact that I have an extremely physically demanding job. So, how do you "grade" someone on their level of skill and knowledge? By the way your body responds to their treatment. Thanks, Jeff."

"I've had a neck injury for more than 20 years, and as I got older, it just kept getting worse. I tried a variety of treatments over the years: physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and even cervical injections. I decided to try Myofascial Release over a year ago. I found out about Jeff after doing some research online. I was impressed both by the variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques that he offers, and the fact that he teaches massage, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy courses. After receiving soft tissue manipulation over a period of time, I have finally gotten a level of relief that I never received with any other type of treatment. It's clear that Jeff has a very thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system and is a very skilled therapist. I would highly recommend him to others."

I have sought many ways to balance the physical effects of modern life (ie. stress and busy-ness) that can make one have various kinks and aches throughout the physical body. I have an excellent chiropractor (who also dabbles with related soft tissue massage) and a monthly session with an excellent massage therapist. Even so, with the adjustments of the bones back into place and the massaging away muscle kinks and surface level adhesions, I still would have recurring issues that needed help with a Structural Integration Series. Seeking out a course of treatment with Jeff Mahadeen was the best thing I've done to date, to work my body back to balance. The Structural Integration has resolved the recurring neck, lower back and knee twisting-out-of-place troubles I was having for years. Jeff is very thorough and knowledgeable and my body got into the rhythm of the treatment. I would wonder "are you going to work on 'X' this time?" and that would, in fact, be the next area ready to receive treatment. The wisdom of the treatments really shows during sessions. Jeff starts with one 'end' of your body, and works up your structure through the course of the sessions, each about 2 weeks apart. I felt a noticeable change in the movement of my body after many of the sessions and immediately better after the completion. I'm sleeping so much better, yoga is enjoyable (no sudden gotcha/limitations). Life is good. The idea is to return for follow-up as needed, and about every 3 or 4 months. Any slight deviation from balance, Jeff detects and corrects the deviation in one session. It's awesome. I can't thank Jeff enough. I've sent my husband along. He's about one-third of the way through and I hope he gets as much out of it as I did and still do.

As a chiropractor, I referred my patients to Jeff for muscular therapy. His work included myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and stretching and resistance movement. He tailored each modality to client need and provided professional feedback to me on each client. His work was very effective and resulted in positive therapeutic responses. I also experienced Jeff's work personally as one of his clients. His work helped to relieve some areas of chronic muscle tightness and discomfort. He also provided suggestions for my weight training regime. Jeff always conducted himself in a professional manner, maintaining client modesty and privacy and ensuring client comfort at all times.

As a professional cyclist, I rely on my body to perform and recover week in and week out, so I need to take every advantage possible. The Structural Integration and sports massage Jeff has provided me is what has allowed me to recover from my rigorous schedule on and off the bike and to stay injury free. I know his work is one of the reasons I had one of my best seasons with 7 wins. I have worked with many therapists over the years and I find Jeff unique in his knowledge base and ability to be very specific to clinical and sub-clinical injuries. It is because of my personal experience and trust in his abilities that I have referred so many of my patients (often difficult cases) to Jeff for bodywork in addition to Chiropractic care at our office. Knowing that we had Jeff to refer patients has been a great asset to our practice. Jeff's knowledge of the musculoskeletal and myofascial anatomy is really second-to-none, for he is more than just a ”massage therapist” as you will see in a short period of time.